Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank you everyone

for the wonderful, kind words on my last post with my new quilt. I'm still on cloud 9...lol!

And addicted. I hit Wal-mart last night and bought enough fabric for 2 more quilts. One will be green and the other will be a little on the LOUD side but hopefully will be a fun looking quilt. I think I will try to start cutting on them this week. At least this gives me something to do when Billy has his surgery next week and I will be home with him.

I know several of you have asked for directions on how to do these rag quilts. I will direct you to a blog that my wonderful friend Christi (latta_grande) told me about. That is where I got all my information from and she has pictures of each step. I will get that posted for you this afternoon when I get home.

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latte_grande said...

Oh, wow! Can't wait to see your new quilts! You are gonna be SO ahead of the game come Christmas time! :)