Monday, December 1, 2008

Made it thru the holiday

wow...finally. Back to work and the regularly scheduled programs! Sometimes holidays just get you way off kilter. All I pretty much did for 3 whole days is play Vampire Wars and Mob Wars on facebook. Pitiful huh!
I did get one layout done =) about time right!

Today was an easy day. Ship the kids to school and I go to work for just 6 hours =) I had a drs appointment at the dermatologist. She froze a spot on my face, which I might add hurts like hell right now, and then gave me some retina-a for these brown spots that have appeared over the last year. I could be worse...but they seriously bother me. I want even take a good picture of myself because of them. So anyway....once this spot blisters and peals I can use the other stuff and see what happens. Now if they could just take care of these foot long, inch wide, stretch marks I have...I will be doing good.

Tomorrow it is off to the dentist for regular check up and wednesday is Kayla's post op visit to see how she is doing. Hopefully all is going as planned.

Okay back to the games for a bit before I gotta get some serious work done!

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