Sunday, October 12, 2008

weekend is done

another weekend gone.
I had Friday off which was nice. I got a lot done. Several pages completed, an album for work done, some genealogy worked on...and some cleaning! Much needed cleaning!

Saturday Shawn finished his Eagle Project ....WOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! I can't wait to share the pictures. It is amazing and they worked HARD yesterday. 6 hours of staining, cutting, hammering, really looks good. The we flew home to turn right around and go to Gordon Central High for Kayla's band competition. We didn't know until later in the afternoon that she would be on the field representing the band and receiving any awards. That was cool. They choose 5 seniors and she got to be one. Yep I got pictures too. They received superior ratings across the board. Took home 1st in Drum Major, Color Guard, Percussion and Second in band. We were bummed by that last one because they EARNED a first place but who knows how the point system went. They could of lost first place by 1/2 a point. Sooooo off we go this weekend to yet another one. They have only 2 left. I sooo hope they can pull off a Grand Champion this year. It's been several years for them.

We got home late and finished watching the race. Got up this morning and headed to Braselton to see the 5414 scarecrows lined up thru town. Yep you heard me correctly. This small town made it into the Guiness Book of World Records with all these scarecrows. I got some good pictures and hope to scrap them this week. Then we went to Bass Pro Shop...which by the way is a cooooool place...but then Billy got into a rather grouchy mood and shot the rest of the day to he$$ and back. So it was a very long ride back home. Thank goodness he is sleeping now and I sure hope he wakes up in a better mood.

Really didn't get much else done today. It's been rather wasted this evening. I don't feel much up to doing anything really. My mom is having surgery tomorrow so I am cooking up some potato soup for her to take to the house tomorrow afternoon. Will turn into bed early tonight and go back to work...yuck. The kids only have 4 days at school this week and this coming up weekend is deer hunting season for the boys so thank you....they will be leaving for several days....which means good quiet around here....long computer nights....and hopefully a happy hubby when he comes back home. He needs a weekend with the boys. Well....he does...or else I will have to kill him....giggle. So for his sanity he better go :)


jensmack said...

OMGosh - you sure know how to pack in a lot of activities! I'm exhausted just reading all of that!

emily said...

Can't wait to see all the scarecrows! Those pics are gonna make for one awesome LO!