Thursday, October 30, 2008

this week...

has been just a weird week. We found out Tuesday that our office has no heat. So the weather has been in the low 30's in the morning and mid 50's in the afternoon and a building with no heat. Just lovely. Kinda hard to work with purple fingers! They hope to get it turned on Tuesday. Yes. Tuesday! Tomorrow is our Halloween day at work. We are dressing up (me and my 3 pals) as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom girls. I'm really not in the mood all of the sudden...maybe because I am COLD! lol

Billy is getting better. Slowly. But he is being a good boy and taking his meds like he is suppose to and sleeping when he can.

Landon is home! YEAH!!! I am dying to see him but until Billy isn't contagious anymore I will refrain from seeing him. Which makes me sad cause I really want to see and hold the little turkey!

Been scrapping in the evenings. Working on my Survivor layout now. And also working on doing Ali's December album. I have all the pages but I need to get them put together so I can start decorating them. I think I might try to do that tomorrow. Although I have all of November but who knows how fast november will be. I mean geeshhh....just 13 more days and I will turn 37. yuck yuck yuck. I wish for a birthday full of it will be more than likely an ordinary day. bah humbug But anyway...back to the scrapping...I found out today that two of my survivor layouts will be in Scrapbooking & Beyond! Have I mentioned how much this magazine ROCKS. Seriously. They have made me the happiest girl in the world over the last 3 years.

Okay. Greys is on. gotta run!


Christine said...

i was looking for those layouts tonight but they are gone! I am so happy for you. You rock!

R said...

What is this?!
You are a girl of COLOR and design!
Throw on some CHRISTMAS RED and green- burn a evergreen candle-
Put some color into those pieces!
I LOVE the "authenic" one and the "setting" of a fall garland with those necklaces hanging...!
Very pretty.
Billy is still contagious?
I'm surprised...
Call your dr-
I have Mr Precious Satur am- do you like getting email here?
Will call about feedN time-
call your/his dr-