Sunday, October 19, 2008

our weekend

Hope your weekend has been good. Landon is getting stronger each and every day. Hopefully he will get to come home in a few days!

Last night was Kayla's 3rd band competition. The kids are getting tired. You can tell. And it was freezing cold. They placed all Superior ratings in their division, 3rd place drum major in division, 1st place percussion in division, 2nd place Color Guard in division and overall 2nd place band in their division. The band that won I just couldn't stand. Don't get me wrong they were a good playing band but they had "acts" all on the field which takes away from the band marching in my opinion and is more of a theatre type show. which I think should be in its own division or competition. They have one more competition next saturday but I will not be attending that one. And the Raiders lost thier first football game of the season to Harrison High. Both teams were undeafeted. We are now 6-1 for the season with only 3 more games to go. We are all ready for the football season to be over with.

I was in a cleaning mood yesterday and got my scraproom all straightened up. I still have some stuff to put away but I think it looks better and today I am going to hit my chipboard and clean it all up. I did scrap too :) Here is my layout with the October kit from! This was such a fun kit to work with. I loved the colors. This was from our Sunday trip last weekend to see the scarecrows.

Today is my mom's Birthday. I have a very COOL paintcan to give her that was made by my friend Emily. She makes the most awesomeist cans. I took my moms and filled it with soft peppermints. We are going over there today to see her so I will finally get it to her. I've been doing some Christmas shopping already. I have decided that this year is going to be 95% homemade Christmas gifts. I ordered one last night from Etsy and will order another this next weekend. I have some stuff for Kayla to make and put together. I just don't know what to get Shawn this year or Billy. I think Billy just needs clothes. But for a lot of my friends I will be making them my domino necklaces. I hope they like them. Speaking of my etsy store just isn't moving at all. I was so hoping it would do better but it just hasn't. I am sure I am not advertising it good enough or something...who knows. I want to put up some prints but I am not sure how to go about doing that. I don't want to take the store down just yet but I don't know what else to do. I flip thru there and see all this awesome stuff people make and just wish I had their talent and could make the things they do. It would be so cool. But anyway....

I'm off to genealogy it a little while my house is sleeping. Oh wait...I just heard someone up. Drat it.

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latte_grande said...

Those bands that did the "acting" used to irritate me, too! Seems like if it were a color guard competition it would be called that, right? Oh well. I hope at least one of my kids decides to be in marching cool to go to those events as a parent!