Thursday, September 11, 2008

and more reading

I haven't read this much in a very long time. Actually the last time I read this much was when HP 5 came out and I tried to cram all 5 into a week.

I LOVE this series. I am on book 4 now. I am trying to read it soooooo slowly so that I can make it last longer. I will be so sad to not read anymore about Bella and Edward. Oh I can't wait for the movie to come out!!!

Nothing much else going on. I did manage to pry the book away and scrap a page. I just need to get it stitched and uploaded. But on the scrapping home front I do have some fun news...I had two layouts picked up for the Scrap n Art Ezine (Nov/Dec). That is fun. This will be the first time with them so I can't wait to see the ezine. I haven't really submitted much.....just not enough time...but I am going to "try" this weekend to do that.

Oh....and the shocker for today...I was looking at Shawn as we were stopped at a red light and what did I see????? 3 chin hairs!!!! WHAT!!!! hello...he is only 15...he shouldn't have facial hair yet should he??? Gasp. I am. not. handling the growing up thing very well. Let me just say!

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