Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wow. Seriously.

I can't believe it. In less than 3 days my kids start school. Kayla will walk thru the doors of EPH as a Senior Class of '09! I tear up just thinking about it. I just can't believe it. 20 years ago....I was beginning to walk thru the doors of PCHS class of '89! And now to watch my daughter do the same. It's just not something I can comprehend right now. And even more than that....watching my last child....walk thru those same doors at EPH as a Freshman. We picked up his schedule today. Grown up classes. Grown up friends. Hrown up himself. Taller than me. Becoming his own person. Gosh. I am not ready for this. Seriously. I'm not. This I can tell already is going to be a year of tears, joy, excitement and lord knows what else. Pray for me okay...cause I am going to need it. More for my mental state I think cause there is going to be some crying this year for sure. Gosh....why do they grow up so fast.
On a brighter note...thank you to everyone who has stopped by my Etsy store...who are now wearing a Becky necklace or bracelet and just to everyone that supported me kicking this up and giving it a try. Thank you thank you.

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