Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This and That

the Surgery Center called! It was just fantastic to have some one call and check on you and talk about symptoms and such. That made me feel so much more comfortable. It's nice to know that the symptoms I am having right now are totally okay. I will be so ready to feel 100% again.
This is the only layout I have done lately. I tried to make myself get one done the other day to just keep myself off the couch. I really would like to get back into scrapping again. I hate that when I take a week off or something my mojo has a harder time trying to come back. I guess I need to stop taking breaks huh...lol.
My friend Dorothy has been in the hospital but hopefully all will be okay. I was really worried about her today. I think it was just to much for her to handle. Say a prayer for her if you don't mind.
17 more days until school starts and can I just say I am READY. the kids are driving me nuts and I am not even home all the time. Geesh.

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Tami said...

glad you are feeling ok.