Monday, July 28, 2008

I feel like a bad girl...

we are skipping scouts tonight. Gosh it makes me feel like I am skipping school. Shawn has been so busy working hard outside (all day I might add) in this horrible heat and is exhausted. So we will just skip scouts this evening.

Managed to make it thru Monday. yeah one day down. Today is also the 5 year anniversary that we lost Aunt Vera. I miss her terribly. The Sunday dinners she had at our house every week. Taking her to the grocery store every saturday. Listening to her stories from years ago. Looking at all her funny, crazy crafts. There was so much I wish that I had been able to sit down and talk to her about but I just thought we would have plenty of time. but we didn't. She was a wonderful lady. She is missed!

Kayla had her Senior Band Member uniform fitting today. Gosh. Senior. Am I ready for this?

tomorrow...they go for school haircuts and I am letting Kayla take them both. Geeshhh. what is wrong with me.

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