Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Finally we got some snow. Not really anything much but enough that the kids had fun making snow balls and just playing out side. Shawn even made a snow angel. After I took this pick it snowed a lot more and then became sleet. I didn't get any more pictures because it got dark. I am sure most of it will be gone in the morning cause the sleet was turning to rain. oh was nice while it lasted.
Haven't scrapped a ton lately but here is what I have done over the last few days. It was for a Body Challenge at TallyScrapper. To scrap about something you liked or didn't like about yourself...your body. I was not as brave as some to scrap my whole body. The layouts they did were simply amazing and truly raw and open. Amazing ladies.
It's been a crazy week. Just kid stuff. Work stuff. I've not been in the mood to scrap lately which I hate but I am trying where I can. I just sat down and sketched out a few things. Be looking at the ScrapShanty because I will be using one of them for our Sketch upload :)
Counting down the days to the weekend. Just a basketball game and then I think I will try and just scrap. I really haven't been submitting to any calls either. It's been a while. I sent stuff in for the Prima DT call but yeah...I was not even close to being in the same group as the ones they picked. Wow their work rocked!

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Leah said...

Love the snowangel photo.. making snow angels happens to be one of Samantha's fav things to do right now. ;)