Thursday, November 15, 2007

Summary of this week

I had a wonderful birthday. I was surprised with lots of cards and some fun ornaments for my tree and candles. A co-worker sent me some beautiful fall flowers. Now if I could just get my husband to do that every once in a while :) The evening got busy with scouts and a baby shower but all in was a great birthday.
The football team has made the playoffs so that starts tomorrow. nope I want be going but I will be cheering them on in the warmth of my home :) Kayla will be there with the band. If it wasn't so cold I would go but I am still trying to get rid of this chest/sinus stuff I have now. We are starting to pack for our first ever Thanksgiving vacation :) the band director is not happy at us because I chose to keep Kayla out of band next friday football game so she could spend thanksgiving with her family. I think that is more important right now.
Been a scrapping fool. I scrapped about 11 pages over the last week. wooohoooo. Sharing a few of them with you right now. Hope you like them.
No calls from Scrapbook Trends....not really sure they like my pages that much but that is okay. I love them ;) I think I am about on the tail end of submitting. Just not interested anymore I guess...I don't know what it is...I am just having fun creating...that is what it is all about anyway.

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Jana Eubank said...

Stunning pages! I hope you'll post more of those 11! Gorgeous! ;)