Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's me again...

Hope all is well. It's been a up and down week since Friday. More issues here with my stepson saturday and sunday. Can I just say...OVER IT!!

Finished my layout for Scrap-tastic's Beauty Contest. At first I was like OMG I can't do this challenge...then I thought on it some and the whole thing fell in place. Here ya go. Hope you like it. I love the Grunge look. Also have some goodie Leigh page will be heading out to Scrapbooking and Beyond this weekend :) I am so excited that they picked this one. It was for a challenge at TallyScrapper but the whole page means so much to me and to my dear friend Kim.
I've got an IEP meeting at Kayla's school today so hoping it goes quickly and also good :)


Leslie Ashe said...

YOUR layout is GORGEOUS!! I always love seeing your beautiful work Miss B!! How in the world ARE you? I MISS you!! HUGS to you cutie! :)

Tammy Gray said...

That pages is amazing!!!!!!!!!