Friday, October 19, 2007

Homecoming Day

today was homecoming at the High School. The band is playing before the game gets going and then will leave at 3rd quarter so they can get ready for the dance. Kayla borrowed a dress that is very pretty on her. I hope I can get a picture of her but it will be so late when she gets home. She was so sad today...a fella she likes...doesn't like her. I so wish she could find herself a boyfriend but that has always been the hardest thing for her to do. But it will happen. That is what I keep telling will happen before you know it.
Had to take Shawn to the dr. today. He had a bicycle accident and has had bad headaches since. But she seems to think he will be fine and since he is not dizzy she doubts it was a concussion. That is good news.
Here's a layout I made today. I hope you enjoy it. It was fund to play with. I just love my Basic Grey and chipboard :)
Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Billy and Shawn have some Scout things to do while I hit the grocery store. then we head out for the second competition and are not estimated to get home until about 1 am sunday morning....geeshhh...I just can't stay up that late!

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Emily said...

Oh, my dear, the boyfriend will come in due time. And when he does, you'll be wishing she DIDN'T....LOL! Hope Shawn starts feeling better. Oh, and that LO totally rocks!