Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What a Labor Day it was

Kayla had her first football game Friday night. We won by 1 point! Hey we will take that one point! :)
I made the above layout but MM didn't seem to like it...oh well. It is very special to my heart!
We worked the yard sale 3 days this weekend. And with lots of prayers and praise....we made enough money to reroof the Bait and Tackle Store. This is GREAT news!!! We are one step closer to getting the store rebuilt and opened back up again. Something the two people above in my layout....would so love to have seen.
We had more trouble with Steven...more drinking...and a fall that busted his face up pretty good. So Saturday evening was spent at Urgent Care getting him looked at. And lots of preaching and talking about what he is doing wrong. This kid is really zapping my energy...I love him...but he is out of control and I don't know how to fix it.
I decided to give up a few things in my life...it's time for me to let go and not always having tons to do. That is a big move for me. So...I let Stampin Up go. It want be official until the end of the year but I packed all my books away....and will start getting ready to sell my stamps. I need to do this. And it feels good actually to have one less thing I HAVE to do. I did play with beading this weekend. My cousin Kelly does it and man it was fun. So I bought a few things today and made some earrings...just for fun now....I hear you over there saying...."she just dropped one thing and picked up another"...nope...not the same thing....it's one thing to be recquired to make money to keep your demonstrator ship up and it's another to make things for fun :) teeehhheee
I was glad to have Monday off but it was really busy and I am really tired right now. Waiting on the results from my biopsy on my leg. I know it will be fine but that little bugger hurts right now....and on the other end of the spectrum my scrapbook room counter top is being delivered Monday! Oh happy day!
hugs to all. I love you lots

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Wendy said...

wow girl youve been BUSY!!
so glad to hear about your cover!! thats so awesome :)