Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Weekend

I spent Saturday with my SIL at a genealogy meeting at the library. It was fun and very informative. I came home and wanted to get back on the look for things again. But I didn't. I waited until Sunday morning to do We picked up Wild Hogs and Delta Farce and watched those which was a blast. Sunday I played on the computer some and scrapped a few pages. Then we hit Home Depot to get the stuff to make a sign to hang up at the lake. The original sign was stolen many years ago. I felt very inspired to replicate it so we did :) I gave it to my daddy last night and I "think" he really liked it. He didn't seem to show much emotion about it but Billy said he was refraining from crying. So I am glad he liked it. We bought some blinds for the house but didn't get them put up.

I've slipped back into having a hard time dealing with the loss of Nanny. It just comes and goes. I worked on a page yesterday that had a little picture of her on it and the tears just started all over again. I really miss her. I know time eases the pain but still.....I miss her.

It will be a pretty busy week. Tuesday is my final Physical Therapy appointment. Not because I don't need it but because insurance want pay anymore :( and then we have a conference with Shawn's math teacher. Yippee. Not looking forward to that at all. But Friday.....we pick the kids up at school at 11:30 and we head out to Charleston SC. I have never been. Becca is getting married Friday so we are going to the wedding and then just hanging out in Charleston for the weekend. Lets hope that Hurricane Ingrid decides to be nice and wait for us to leave before coming ashore.

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